Beach House, County Louth

Dramatic contemporary dwelling on an incredible coastal site


The sloping nature of this constricted coastal site has been manipulated to create a contemporary 4 bedroom split level dwelling. The main living area is situated at beach level and uses clerestory windows above head height to avail of the south facing sunlight. The roof takes the form of a cranked plane, as if wrapping up from the landscape itself, lifting in places to light the accommodation below. This device ensures it is not possible to overlook the adjoining Victorian dwellings but crucially allows secondary light deep into the plan. The massing of the house and the careful selection of traditional materials ensures that the house is firmly rooted to the landscape and its surroundings.

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Asgard Road, Howth

Sustainable house on steeply sloping site on Howth head.


Dramatic contemporary  house on beach front site

A significant infill development on a prominent site in this town centre


Dramatic contemporary  house on beach front site